How to start running

Run 40 minutes

Anybody who has ever tried running knows how difficult the beginning are. Breathlessness in the first minutes, aching legs or even nausea if you overdo your training. Many people give up because they cannot get through the initial exhausting phases before they start feeling the pleasure of running.

The “40-minute-run” training programme was created to allow anybody to take up running and achieve 40 minutes of uninterrupted run in a healthy and stress-free way. Following our programme you will reduce the risk of injury, increase the level of self-satisfaction and have significantly more chances of running becoming your hobby.

The training is simple and convenient. It has been devised as a 12-week programme but many people finish it sooner as it is possible to start at a later phase than at Week 1.

How to begin? It is simple!

  1. Test yourself to find out at which week of the programme you should start.
  2. Take a two-day break and start training.

Have fun and a lot of success!