How to start running

Why running?

Running is an easy and healthy sport. You need only comfortable shoes to start running, and you can run almost everywhere. That’s why running is one of the most popular aerobic sports.

Furthermore, we can control the level of intensity while running, which is very important for an aerobic sport because we have to control the intensity and our own pulse during the exercise.

If you are not sure which aerobic sport to choose, running is a very good place to start. In the future you can switch it for another aerobic sport, or you can alternate them.


Running engages the whole body

Most of your main muscles work during running. You develop leg muscles, shoulder muscles, back muscles and abdominal muscles. You also improve your coordination.

The biggest advantage of running is that it mostly develops your legs so they are stronger all the time. If you feel gawky and sluggish, running will change that. You’ll feel light and nimble in no time. Soon you’ll be running up stairs two at a time, and a long walk won’t tire you.

Running reduces stress

Running also helps to relax tense back muscles, which tend to tighten when you are stressed. If you have a stressful life, then running is for you. Nowadays, most of us suffer from stress related to our work and lifestyles; 30 minutes of running a day is a much better way to relax than a couple of hours in front of the TV and definitely healthier than a few relaxing drinks before sleep.

You can do many other activities during the day because running doesn’t take much time. Running gives you a one-on-one moment with yourself (unless, of course, you want to run with someone to keep you company), and it gives you time to relax and rest from the troubles of everyday life.

Everybody can run

You don’t have to learn how to run. Get out of the house, choose a route and run! You don’t need anything else besides comfortable shoes and a desire to train.