How to start running

Brisk walking - an alternative to running

Not everyone can or likes to run. There are many various reasons for that, but the main reason are:

  1. We can be really out of shape and unable to run even for two minutes without a break.
  2. Our weight can cause risks to our joints.
  3. Our previous injuries and contusions prevent us from running.

If you cannot run, you should consider brisk walking as an alternative to running or as an introduction to running. Walking also can serve as aerobic training, and it can have benefits similar to running.

What it’s all about

Brisk walking is exactly what you think it is, it’s walking, but fast. During this exercise you place your foot starting with the heel and move the body weight on straightened knees. At least one of your legs is standing on the ground at all times.

This technique prevents overloading the joints - this way you avoid injuries, which are most likely to happen when running.

A great way to start aerobic training

If running is too hard for you, brisk walking offers a great way to improve your endurance and prepare you to eventually start running. Start walking, and once you lose weight and get more fit you’ll be able to move on to running.

Brisk walking is also a pleasant way to spend your free time. When your endurance gets better you’ll be able to walk for long distances. You can go for 60 or even 120 minutes, which you cannot do while running, because it’s bad for the joints.

In order to start the brisk walking training, you can use our 40-minute training program, but instead of running, walk.